Are online reviews worth reading?

We have seen this week that one of the largest motorhome hire companies (and their many trading names) seem to be potentially going under, this is shown in the huge number of online reviews we have seen which report customers having bookings cancelled by text and being told to contact their banks for a refund.

A large number of these reviewers state something along the lines of 'I wish i'd read the reviews before booking' and we wonder, well, why didn't you?

In this modern age we are all able to sit in our homes with a nice cuppa searching the internet for anything our heart desires. We have a wealth of information at our very fingertips and we would urge any potential hire customers to spend 10 or 15 minutes reading reviews for any company you are thinking of trusting your adventure to.

Let's not hide from the obvious fact that hiring a motorhome is not the cheapest way to have a holiday, some hires can be several thousands of pounds. If you were spending £500 on a new TV you'd probably spend hours researching the correct one and finding a decent shop to buy it from, why should hiring a motorhome be any different?

The good companies will work hard to keep customers happy because it's good for business, people will trust other peoples opinions so online reviews are one of the best tools we have to convince relative strangers to part with their savings and allow us to hire them a vehicle for what may be the trip of a lifetime.

Don't you owe yourself 15 minutes of research before diving in to grab what looks like too good a deal to miss?

Remember, a deal offering 3 or 4 nights for £99 is never going to end at £99, don't be fooled by the shiny offer, do your homework and we're sure you'll end up with memories to cherish, not a bad taste in your mouth.

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