Hire an eScooter from Blue Duck Campers

Introducing the latest greatest addition to your motorhome hire adventure: eScooter hire!

Great fun and easy to use, these electronic scooters add an injection of family fun to your motorhome holiday with us. 

eScooters are big news at the moment, with the UK government trialling ways to make them legal on UK roads. However, at the moment they are not legal to use on pavements to roads and can only be used on private land with the landowners permission.

For now they are just an extra activity for your holiday, rather than a way to pick up your morning paper from the local shop.

We will have a number of eScooters available to hire! They will be supplied fully charged and ready to go, with the charger and a helmet included as part of the hire.


  • Travel up to 15mph

  • Easy to use

  • Long life battery – typically several hours of use

  • Quick recharge time of just a few hours

  • Thumb operated throttle

  • Speed mode – 3 speed settings

  • Handbrake operates rear brake

  • Speedometer

  • Side-stand

  • Front headlight and rear light

  • Flashing tail light when you brake

All you need is a quick handover and to read the usage instructions and you’re good to go! 

eScooter Pricing

1 eScooter - £49/weekend - £69/week

2 eScooters - £98/weekend - £129/week

3 eScooters - £135/weekend - £189/week

4 eScooters - £166/weekend - £249/week

A refundable security deposit is chargeable of £250 per scooter. This is refunded on safe return.

Some helpful tips and advice for safe use of the eScooter

  • Currently in the UK it is illegal to use an eScooter on a public road or pavement. They can only be used on private land with the land owners permission.

  • A helmet must always be worn when using an eScooter. We supply them on loan free of charge.

  • The eScooter is not waterproof and should not be left out in the rain or ridden through deep puddles and water

  • The eScooter is easily stolen so please be mindful. Keep locked in the motorhome garage when not in use.

  • Use of the eScooter is done so at your own risk. We do not provide any insurance cover. Please play safe and have fun.

  • When charging, the light on the power unit is red. Once charged it turns green.

  • We suggest starting on speed setting 1 until you get familiar with the throttle, cruise control function and brake.

  • Instruction on how to use will be given to you on collection from us.

  • Any damage or loss will result in a deduction from the £250 deposit.

  • Our eScooters and helmets are all treated with an anti-viral spray after every use.

If you would like to add an eScooter package to your motorhome booking then please let us know and we’ll make all the arrangements with you to add a bit more fun to your adventure

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