Large Hire Company Insolvency Confirmed

After watching the web for a few days we have now been told that the rumours of one of Britain's largest and most poorly reviewed hire companies (who trade under numerous names) have gone into administration leaving hundreds of customers stranded with their Christmas holidays cancelled and no return of their deposits or hire charges.

Customers have been told that vehicles have been recalled for an unknown reason and that they need to contact their banks to get their money back. A recent review on Trustpilot confirms this and can be found here (and copied below)

Due to ongoing issues with our merchant card provider, we are unable to process credit card payments nor deposit refunds at this time. Unfortunately due to this situation, Unbeatablehire is filing notice for insolvency.

We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

What to do now. If you have paid a deposit in advance for a booking or paid a refundable deposit that had not been repaid, you can recover your payment(s) as follows.

Credit card payment. All credit card payments are automatically protected and you have a legal right to a full refund. You should contact your card provider and quote that you wish to claim a refund under Section 75 of the consumer credit act.

Debit card payment. If you paid via a debit card, you must claim a chargeback.

Chargeback is a mechanism for your card issuer to reclaim money from the retailer’s bank.

This can allow your card issuer to provide you with a refund due to Unbeatablehire Limited filing for insolvency.

How chargeback works Chargeback claims should be addressed to your debit or credit card issuer, who in turn will put in a request to the merchant card providers bank.

The process for managing chargeback claims is determined by a set of rules from American Express, MasterCard or Visa. There are no guarantees your issuer will be able to recover the money through chargeback.

Time limit You should make a claim as soon as possible, as your card issuer usually needs to start the chargeback process within 120 days from when you made the transaction or when you were due to hire the motorhome.

Providing evidence Your card issuer is required to provide evidence to the retailer’s bank to make a chargeback claim. The evidence can be summarised in the form of a written letter or email from you or in a written form which the issuer fills in on your behalf following a discussion with you. When you first contact your card issuer, you should provide the following information:

*the name of the company you have paid money to (Unbeatablehire Limited) *the date you paid the money and how you paid it (over the phone or online) *a detailed description of the services you paid for (e.g. motorhome hire) and the hire collection date *what has gone wrong - the company has filed for administration

You should notify your card issuer of the insolvency practitioner (Antony Batty LLC)

Alongside the form, the issuer may need to provide other evidence, and they may contact you after your first discussion with them.


Here's hoping all their customers get their money back and this does not reflect on the rest of the industry, Blue Duck Campers and all of our partner companies work hard for our customers and can be relied on to be honest, transparent and accountable.

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