Major motorhome hire company in trouble? Customers beware

Customers of a large motorhome hire company (Motorhome Hire UK, Motorholme and other associated companies such as Unbeatable Hire) have reported that they may be struggling as they are cancelling peoples bookings without warning and asking them to go to their banks and card issuers to try and get a refund rather than refund them themselves. This is not a good sign.

This news is already leaving a lot of people with no holiday and huge worries. If you have been affected by this then Blue Duck Campers will try and help, either by getting you a booking with us or finding another trustworthy company to rescue your adventure.

We have read numerous reviews on Trustpilot which show a worrying trend of customers being left high and dry unable to speak to the company and feeling thoroughly ripped off.

Here are just a couple:

Stay away

Stay away. Booked for 4 really good price £150. Than I had to complete all that steps 1 to 10. Three weeks before pickup date they was sending me reminders every day to complete those steps. Then I gone through that list put all information and paid deposit with insurance waivers. Nex day got a message that my booking was cancelled do to emergency recall and please contact admin or your card provider. And until now i can't get in touch with them. But when I go on they website and trying to check availability same day same size van showing 2 available. Just need to pay money and you in the traps again. Now I'm dealing with my bank to get my money back. Well done motorhome just before Christmas. Thanks a lot for making this mess in my plans


One star isnt even justified

One star isn't even justified - con artists. Supposed to be visiting relatives from 19th Dec to 23rd Dec; Absolutely hounded by emails for extras and the balance which were all purchased; Paid my final balance on Monday and within less than 18 hours received a text yesterday at 17:38 ( after they have closed! ) advising the following: "Booking cancelled due to emergency vehicle recall, please do not collect from Cambridge depot. Contact admin for refund info"

I have paid almost £500 for the motorhome incl deposit of £250 and also additional expenses such as site fees at £110!

No answer on telephone number 0330 311 2969 - it says they are dealing with a high call volume and as such we are only accepting live chat" when you visit live chat it says no operators available; if you then try accessing live chat for Sales however...surprise surprise they answer but then advise they have no contact with the refunds dept! Automated email received that they aim to respond to my email within 3-5 working days. I encourage you posters below mine who have received the same text about emergency recall to ring your banks and speak to fraud dept; mine is currently investigating!

One other thing to note is I believe they are operating several companies with similar names such as MotorHolmes; I would not trust any of them now.

Having spent a few hours here this morning researching this scam I have discovered that it has been featured on Rip Off Britain! please google and see for yourself as this site wont allow me to share link.

Please learn from our appalling experience And don’t use this company


Fingers crossed all of the unhappy customers get their money back one day and of these companies are likely to close we hope that all of their staff are looked after, expecially at this time of year

Please email us if you think we can help with a new booking at

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