Safety fears mean we must sadly close

Due to some very worrying developments this morning we have sadly been force to sent the following email today, this has not been an easy decision but we are trying to think of the greater good and the safety of our customers


Good afternoon everybody

A new development has arisen this morning which has changed our current view on how to manage this crisis.

A fellow hire company has this morning reported that one of their customers who is currently on the NC500 route around Scotland has been abused and left a note on the windscreen inviting them to return to their homes immediately in a less than polite way. They were in a vehicle with the companies logo on so we’re obviously tourists.

Add to this a number of facebook posts which are a rallying cry to tackle hired motorhomes and ‘name and shame’ the hire companies to bring about a mass boycott of them because we are apparently promoting the spread of coronavirus, we have taken the decision to postpone all upcoming hires to protect you from abuse (or worse), our vehicles from acts of vandalism and our business from the very real risk of smear campaigns which could ruin all the hard work we’ve put into building a trusted brand with excellent reviews.

We have also had sight of a number of open letters from MP’s telling tourists that they are no longer welcome due to the additional strain on local health service resources. The letters we’ve seen come from Cornwall, Wales and Scotland, pretty much the main destinations for 90%+ of our customers. This strengthens our view that it may not be safe to have a motorhome adventure at the moment.

We understand that this may upset some of you and we apologise for that but we are genuinely concerned concerned for your safety as well as our continued ability to trade.  As before, all postponed hires will be credited with a voucher to the value of all monies paid which can be used at any point in the future. Bookings for specific events such as Glastonbury and the Silverstone GP will be given first refusal for the 2021 dates.

We were trying so hard to honour booked hires but this mornings developments, and the increasing government advice to stop all non essential travel has driven us to this point.

We hope you will all understand and as always, if you want further advice please email or call at any time and we’ll try to help

Best wishes and stay safe, Matt

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