Top Tips for motorhome renting


When you're looking at renting a motorhome, it can be a minefield of questions and planning and even if you decide to rent from another company, we though we'd share some of the top tips we've learned along the way just to give you a helping hand...

1. Don't plan too much

It's very tempting to try and see everything and do everything on your adventure but experience shows that if you plan too much you'll spend most of your time on the road, rather than enjoying the freedom and relaxing like you deserve. 

2. Check out the hire companies reviews online before booking

When renting a motorhome you may be spending a reasonably large amount of money and you want to know you're going to get good value. We'd always recommend that you look online and research the company as there's nothing better than other customers opinions to let you know how a company performs in reality. Look on Facebook, Trustpilot, TripAdvisor and other review sites and get a feel for the company you're going to entrust your adventure to. Make sure you read the reviews in full, not just the headline score as the truth will be in the detail.

3. Look out for hidden charges

Some hire companies can lure you in with a bargain hire fee which is too good to be true, this is generally because it is. Ask your hire company what is included in the price as you might be surprised just what some of them class as extras. We've seen some companies who will charge you for a TV licence (not required for a motorhome as your home licence covers you on holiday), kettle and toaster and even a handover to show you how everything works.

4. Pack light

The beauty of a motorhome holiday is in relaxing and going with the flow, this is always harder when you pack the kitchen sink (and we supply that anyway). Try and pack light as this will save you a lot of time when you return your vehicle to the depot and will also save you drowning in clutter while you're away.

5. Book early

If you're traveling on fixed dates or have an event to attend such as a wedding or a festival please make sure you secure your booking as soon as you can, especially if those dates are in the summer peak season. All too often we've had to sadly turn customers away as they've left their booking too late and we've already been fully booked for weeks or months. This only leads to disappointment and difficulties for the customer. We do always try to find another hire company to help but sometimes in peak season it's just not possible.